We are the eyes and ears of your ATM fleet

Here’s how we can help you shine:

Cleaning and Detail


Detailed cleaning and sanitizing is just the beginning.  CAMS keeps your ATMs looking great, improving customer experience across your entire network.

Decal Maintenance

CAMS provides comprehensive decal replacement solutions for both Braille functionality and institution specific decals that meet stringent standards. Never experience an outage when CAMS manages your ATM decals.

ADA Surveys

CAMS comprehensive accessibility surveys assess the ATM and immediate environment for compliance with Federal ADA regulations. Confirm compliance and highlight areas needing improvement across your fleet with ease.

Lighting Surveys

Nighttime Lighting Surveys


A minimum threshold for a safe nighttime ATM environment is functioning lighting. Do the lights come on after dark at your ATMs? Are there burnt-out or non-functioning fixtures that affect your customer’s safety? CAMS Lighting Functionality Surveys are designed to identify and document issues and outages that may go unnoticed by branch staff or other ATM servicers. Make regular Lighting Functionality Surveys part of your overall safety compliance program with CAMS expertise and experience.

Foot Candle Illumination Surveys

A step beyond the Lighting Functionality Survey, CAMS Foot-candle Illumination Survey provides detailed measurements of light intensity within the ATM environment using NIST calibrated light meters. These values can demonstrate compliance with illumination regulations and alert facilities personnel to areas requiring remediation. Many states and municipalities dictate minimum requirements. How do your locations compare? Maintain documentation in CAMS as part of your institution’s safety and compliance program, ensuring a bright, secure customer experience.

Safety Surveys


Cameras, mirrors, building layout and landscape elements can make or break your ATM’s safety profile. Have seasonal changes affected the safety of your ATM? CAMS helps you identify and correct safety deficiencies related to landscape, lighting and ATM placement to promote safety across your location portfolio. Inquire how to leverage regularly scheduled services to incorporate Safety Surveys into your safety and compliance program.

Survey anything, anywhere

Need data about a specific area of interest? Executing a marketing conversion or product roll-out? CAMS custom surveys are the answer. Gather consistent information and photos across your entire project and view, act upon and share the data seamlessly within CAMS.

Custom Surveys

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